Novelty: 1 hour to make pastries and 1 Hour of wine tasting

Today I have established a partnership with the wine taster Camille Brassart in order to propose a new experience ! One hour of pastry cooking class followed by a wine tasting session. We will propose two wines or liqueurs that will be described and explained in order to understand the relationship between desert and wine. Two hours extremely rich in know – how and taste. This takes place at the fabulous kitchen of the Hotel Atlantic at Wimereux, with an extraordinary … Continue reading “Novelty: 1 hour to make pastries and 1 Hour of wine tasting”

Mother’s Day/ 10% off on the pastry classes using the code MAMAN2018

It will be soon Mother’s Day! Until May 27, Nicole Pâtisserie gives you 10% off from all our pastry courses and the nice presents available. So this year, give her a moment of sweet things. Make your reservation now with the code MAMAN2018. The Nicole Pâtisserie courses are adapted to the level of all the participants because the best way to learn is to do it yourself ! There is a class for each case: parents and children, everyday deserts reinvented, … Continue reading “Mother’s Day/ 10% off on the pastry classes using the code MAMAN2018”

First Classes Nicole Pâtisserie, here we go !

Today I gave my first class Parents and Children at l’ Atlantic. Three different groups cooked multicoloured cupcakes; but also with forms; lion, unicorn, butterfly, piggy and chick. Thank you Christopher, Gregory, Nicole,Eleanor, Louise, and Philippine who took part at this class, for their talent and creativity. Feel free to come and also take advantage of the view over the sea from the kitchen of the Aloze and discover the different classes adapted to each level and type of taste.

Nicole Pâtisserie welcome you at the Atlantic Hotel al Wimereux!

Nicole Pâtisserie looked for a certain time the perfect partner to be able to receive your real professional kitchens. We are very proud and happy to welcome you with the Delpierre Family, owner’s of the Aloze and La Liéguoise (one star at the Michelin Guide for 2017) restaurants at Wimereux. Since March, Nicole Pâtisserie counsels and accompanies the pastry master Yannick Rambur in charge of the pastry department of the Alain and Benjamin Delpierre establishments.

The Nicole Pâtisseries Classes: beginning an adventure

This is my first story on the site, like an opening ceremony. The idea of this project has been developing for months and I’m almost ready to welcome you… Finally! I welcome you at my site and hope you will find all the things you are looking for. The classes will start very soon; for the moment I am finishing the last details.