Nicole Pâtisserie’s History

We all seem to have THE family recipe, or one of our grandmother’s secrets that inspires you when you start cooking. My grandmother was called Nicole an she had lot of secrets. She specially showed me that pastries have to have the taste of childhood, they much be able to be done by everyone and make us live unique moments.

Today with Nicole Pâtisserie I wish to pass on what I have so kindly and generously gotten; and also being able to go further on and obtaining a professional degree.

I am the granddaughter and daughter of marvelous cooks and so I can say that I grew up with a wisk in my hands and the years passing I acquired a lot of technics. But it was only when I started my cooking adventure, (CAP Pâtisserie), ten years after Marketing that I finally made pastry mine. Pastry gave me what i had always needed: rigorous work,stability, creativity and indulgence.

My pastry is modern but assuring, available to everyone, with a bit of method and a lot of love. The target of my classes is that you can go back home full of ideas and proud of yourselves. For those who have a passion and know – how for pastry cooking the classes will help you get better and even master profesional technics.